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Jianmin CHEN
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Jianmin CHEN     Ph.D. / Professor / Director of LAP3

Tel: 021-65642298


Dr. J. Chen is a Distinguish Professor of Fudan University, and the executive president of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences of Fudan University. He obtained Ph.D. on physical chemistry in Fudan University in 1993. His research focuses on the heterogeneous reactions of atmospheric aerosols and the formation mechanism of air pollution. In his group, a series of advanced instruments including Aerosol Chamber, TDMA and Laser-CRDS have been built up to investigate the size distribution, hygroscopicity, optical properties and multiphase chemistry of atmospheric particles. The haze formation and its climate effect are concerned as well. His group found the potential sulfates formation from heterogeneous reactions of the mixed dust with COS. They revealed the relationship between the chemical composition of haze particles and the humidity. They studied the black carbon and PAHs from agricultural straw burning and associated impact on air quality and human health. Dr. Chen is PI of over 20 National, Provincial and Ministerial research projects, has published over 170 SCI papers and holds 20 Chinese patents. He received awards including the First Rank Award of Natural Sciences by Ministry of Education (2009) and Outstanding Academic Leader of Shanghai by STCSM (2013). In 2015, Dr. Chen was awarded the Knight of the French Order of Academic Palms and was approved to receive the State Council Special Allowance. He is the vice president of Atmospheric Science Brand-Society of National Environmental Science Society of China, and the associate editor for the Science of the Total Environment.




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