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Ying CHEN     Ph.D. / Professor


      Dr. Y. Chen obtained Ph.D. in marine estuarine and environmental science from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA in 2004. Prior to joining Fudan, she spent two and a half years at Stanford University as a postdoctoral fellow, and later joined Trinity Consultants Inc. Her research is focused on aerosol biogeochemistry, with special interests in atmospheric deposition over the coastal oceans and freshwater lakes and their impacts on community structure of marine phytoplankton, primary productivity, red tide, carbon cycle, eutrophication of freshwater lakes and blue algal bloom. She has revealed the high copper concentrations in the aerosols lead to the toxicity of atmospheric aerosols on marine phytoplankton, by a laboratory test. Dr. Chen has published over 40 SCI papers. She is the member of American Geophysical Union. She was awarded New Century Excellent Talent in University by Ministry of Education (2010) and Shanghai Pujiang Scholar by STCSM (2009).Ministry of Education (2010) and Shanghai Pujiang Scholar by STCSM (2009).



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