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LMU Prof. Mark WENIG visits LAP3

Prof. Mark WENIG from LMU Muenchen visited the LAP3 on July 21-Aug 4, 2014, as a senior visiting scholar of LAP3. Prof. WENIG is an outstanding researcher in atmospheric optical remote sensing, and has near 90 academic publications. 

During the visit, Prof WENIG and Prof Bin ZHOU of LAP3 carried out the scientific communication and cooperation on the DOAS systems. A vehicle-borne mobile measurement test was performed by coupling the CE-DOAS (self-designed by Prof. WENIG) and Zenith-Sky DOAS (self-designed by Prof. ZHOU).

On July 25, Prof. WENIG delivered a lecture entitled “Measurements of Atmospheric Pollutants in an Urban Environment using DOAS”, reviewing the advancement of DOAS technology and evaluation on OMI data. He expected more research collaboration between the two sides, and welcomed more students of LAP3 to go to LMU for further study.