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UC Irvine Prof. Sergey NIZKORODOV visits LAP3

Prof. Sergey NIZKORODOV, as a senior visiting scholar of LAP3, from UC Irvine visited the LAP3 on Sept 8 - Oct 8, 2014. As an outstanding researcher in atmospheric aerosol chemistry, Prof. NIZKORODOV focuses his primary areas of expertise on molecular-level chemical characterization, chemical reaction dynamics and photochemistry of atmospheric particular matter, by using state-of-the-art spectroscopic and mass-spectrometric techniques.

During the visit, Prof NIZKORODOV carried out the academic cooperation with Prof. Xin YANG’s research group, and discussed the potential research cooperation with other researchers in LAP3. He gave the lectures for the graduate students’ course of Atmospheric Aerosol Science & Technology. On Sept 25, Prof. NIZKORODOV attended the LAP3 Seminar hosted by Prof. Lin WANG. In the seminar, Prof. NIZKORODOV delivered an academic report titled Photochemical and Dark Aging of Organic Aerosols, reviewing the recent work of his research group. After the seminar, Prof. NIZKORODOV had a tour to the advanced research facilities in LAP3, guided by Prof. Wang et al.