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CNRS Dr Alexandre KOUKOUI visits LAP3

Dr. Alexandre Kukui from Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of the Space Environment, the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), France was invited to visit LAP3 and the department of environmental science & engineering, Fudan University from November 15th to November 28th 2014. After postdoctoral position, he worked in CNRS, and is dedicated in ambient investigation and lab simulation using flow reaction tube of organic aerosol chemistry, especially atmospheric radical reaction process with mass-spectrometric techniques including chemical ionization mass spectrometry (CIMS). He made remarkable achievement atmospheric aerosol science (

On November 21st, Dr. Alexandre Kukui delivered a presentation entitled OH· and H2SO4 Measurements by CIMS: Application for Atmospheric Chemistry Studies to the researches and postgraduate students of LAP3. He shared ambient research experience of OH· and ROx· detection, organic aerosol measurements, and radical chemistry kinetics analysis. The repost achieved good response.