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Expert Reasoning Conference for the Program “Explosive Growth Mechanism of Fine Particles and its Control” Held in Shanghai

The expert reasoning conference for the Program “Explosive Growth Mechanism of Fine Particles and its Control” was successfully held in Shanghai on Oct 9th, 2016. The program is affiliated to the National Major Project “Causes and Control Technologies for the Atmospheric Pollution”, which aims to in-depth understand the formation, ageing and transport of aerosols in China and to provide scientific and technical support for the air quality improvement. 

Academician Li JIN (the vice president of Fudan University), Shunbin WANG (the deputy director of division of resources and environment, the Administrative Center for China’s Agenda 21), Dr. Xiaochuang XU (the deputy director of the division of science & technology, Fudan UniverLAJianmin CHEN, the director of LAP3, as the principle investigator for the program, gave a general review of the program. Prof. CHEN also presented the detailed research scheme for the sub-task I “Comprehensive Field Measurement for Atmosphere”. The research schemes for the other 4 sub-tasks were given by Prof. Suyuan YU from Tsinghua University, Prof. Hongbo FU from LAP3, Prof. Zhongming CHEN from Peking University, and Associate Prof. Wei WEI from the Beijing University of Techonology, respectively. After listening to their reports, the expert group, led by Academician Wenqing LIU from AIOFM-CAS, had a detailed discussion and demonstration upon the technical scheme for the program. Some instructive recommendations were also given by the experts. At last, Prof. Xin YANG and Prof. Weichun MA, on behalf of the lead unit of the program, delivered the speeches to thank the experts and to express the support in human resource, facilities and land-use from the department of environmental science & engineering.